About Guide Network

Guide Network is a global job seeker and hiring platform dedicated to connecting niche outdoor professionals with employers.

Originally launched for tourism, the platform has now expanded into rescue technicians and other related professionals through an affiliation with Rescue 3 International, the global leaders in rope, tower, boat, ice, water, and confined space training.

Meet Devon

Guide, Guiding Operations Manager at Clayoquot Wilderness Resort and Co-Owner/Director of Guide Network

Having a deep passion for the Tourism Industry has always been one of his strongest qualities and life goals of devoting himself to a sustainable industry revolved around nature’s beauty.

Before Guide Network was founded, Devon had an idea of creating a link between professionals, employers and training providers which would act as an interconnected portal within and around the Tourism Industry.

When Devon isn’t busy directing the Guide Network and working his yearly summer employment at Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, he spends his time splitboarding all around the mountains of British Columbia, climbing whenever he can and working some other part-time positions for backcountry lodges and Canadian Mountain Holidays.

Being on the go and continuously thriving to achieve more will set the foundation of Guide Network for many years to come.

All the best on this Adventure and always here to help !!

Sam Dolling

Contact Devon at Info@GuideNetwork.ca