About Guide Network

After driving snow groomers in Australia and skippering whale watching boats in Canada, Sam Dolling came to the conclusion that outdoor professionals and employers needed a global platform to connect with each other, so he set to work designing Guide Network.

Now, outdoor professionals, employers, and training providers from all over the world and in over 60 industries can rapidly connect with each other through the most specialized hiring, job seeker and training platform in existence. It is Sams dream to utilize this powerful tool to bring all stakeholders together through a single platform so that they may be empowered with previously impossible connections and opportunities.

He is also passionate about environmental stewardship and ethical interactions with animals in the tourism industry and takes great pride in presenting all Guide Network users with access to unique access to responsibly manufactured gear as well as information regarding conservation and stewardship from leading scientists and industry professionals.

If you are a working or aspiring outdoor professional or a training provider and/ or employer of such professionals, Sam welcomes you to join the Guide Network community so that we may all push forward together.

To contact Sam you can email him at info@guidenetwork.ca

Meet Sam

Ex-Skipper, SRT and Founder of Guide Network

Sam Dolling was a wildlife guide and swiftwater rescue technician in Canada who believed that outdoor industries needed specialized hiring and job seeker software.

After originally launching Guide Network for global tourism, Sam is now passionate about building a global network of professionals, employers, and training providers in all outdoor industries, from rescue to heli-skiing.

Outside of being the Director of Guide Network, Sam is an adventurer who spends time surfing and camping around Canada and Australia, two of the most beautiful places in the world.

Contact Sam at Info@GuideNetwork.ca