About Guide Network

Guide Network is the previously impossible link between the three pillars of the tourism industry: employers, certified adventure professionals, and training providers!

Like all great inventions, Guide Network was born out of necessity and the result is an unparalleled level of access and interconnection.

Before Guide Network, there was a deep chasm of disconnect. But now, through our Interactive Employer/ Job Map and world-first public-to-employers Guide Profile Library, guides will be able to discover and learn about employers that they may otherwise not have known about, and businesses will enjoy a previously unimaginable level of access to certified adventure professionals.

But our support doesn’t stop at introductions. Our comprehensive Guide and Employer Dashboards ensure an expedient application process for both guides and employers. Limiting the amount of time users spend behind computer screens, and maximizing the time spent in the outdoors.

From this point onward, from dog sledding to wildlife tours and backcountry snowboarding, if it is guiding or instructing it’s on Guide Network!

Meet Sam

Wildlife Guide and founder of Guide Network

Sam Dolling is a wildlife guide on Vancouver Island, BC who firmly believes that a more informed and interconnected tourism industry will benefit all within it, including the animals!

He is passionate about supporting the three pillars of the tourism industry: training providers, certified guides and employers and has created Guide Network as a virtual hub for leading adventure professionals, operators and training providers to propel themselves to new heights.

Outside of being the CEO of Guide Network, Sam is an adventurer who spends time surfing and camping around Canada and Australia, two of the most beautiful places in the world.

Contact Sam at Info@GuideNetwork.ca